Monday, January 25, 2021

Timeline of History

March 10

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Crashes Shortly After Take-Off

Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 crashed six minutes after take-off from Bole International Airport enroute from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, Kenya. All 157 passengers and crew were killed. This was the second major air disaster involving a Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplane in less than 6 months. A Boeing 737 MAX..[more...]

October 28

Lion Air Flight 610 Crashed into the Java Sea

Lion Air flight 610 crashed into the Java Sea shortly after take-off on 29 October 2018 (28 October 2018 UTC). All 189 passengers and crew on board were killed. At the time of the event, it was the worst air disaster in Lion Air history, the worst ever involving a..[more...]

January 20

Catherine Anne Faber Was Born On This Day

Catherine Anne Faber was born on 20 January 1990 by Caesarean Section at Central Dupage Hospital in Winfield, Illinois. She came into the world at 10:18 am weighing 9 lbs. 6 oz. She was 21 inches long. Why Is Catherine Anne Faber Called Char? When her parents first learned they..[more...]

July 24

Apollo 11 Splashdown and Recovery

The Apollo 11 splashdown and recovery marked the end of one of the most exciting and widely anticipated events of the decade: the first manned moon landing.

July 21

First Man on the Moon

21 July 1969 02:56 (UTC) — Neil Armstrong becomes the first man on the moon. Capturing the attention of the entire world, Armstrong backs down the ladder of the lunar module Eagle and steps onto the lunar surface. Achieving the goal that was so long sought after, he announces “that’s..[more...]

July 20

First Manned Moon Landing

20 July 1969 (20:17) The lunar module (LM) Eagle lands safely on the lunar surface, in the region known as Mare Tranquilitatis, the Sea of Tranquility. With that Apollo 11 became the first manned moon landing ever. One minute later, mission Commander Neil Armstrong radioed back to earth: “Houston, Tranquility..[more...]

July 16

16 July 1969 | Apollo 11 Moon Mission

16 July 1969 — Cape Canaveral, FL. The Apollo 11 lift off from the Kennedy Space center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying three American astronauts on mankind’s first attempt to land a person on the moon.

July 22

Thomas Jefferson proposes Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge

Transitioning away from the social structure of England, which was based on a hereditary aristocracy, was important to the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. They struggled with the question of how they would identify the best democratic leadership – and ideas about educating citizens at the public..[more...]

Timeline of History

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